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Why 'Cuthberts'?

Cuthberts’s history in Fountainbridge

  • 92 Fountainbridge1880 - This elegant Grade B listed building became the headquarters of the St Cuthberts Co-operative Society set up by and for working men to provide affordable food for their families in 1851.

    The ground floor shops of this building were used for different businesses, including a  large scale dairy, bakery, butchery operation, funeral services, tea rooms, carriage works, farming and property letting.

  • Sean Connery as James Bond1943 - Thomas Sean Connery, aged 13 and now Sir Sean Connery, is employed by the Society as a dairy transport worker, delivering milk on a cart drawn by his much loved Highland pony, Tich. He earned 21 shillings a week (£1.05). He lived at 176, Fountainbridge.

    Sir Sean left the Society in 1948 to join the Navy and then to pursue a fledging acting career which made him a world renowned legend.

  • 1981 - The name St Cuthberts disappears as Scotmid formed after the Co-op’s merger with the Dalziel Society of Motherwell.

  • 2005 - The Society moved its headquarters to Newbridge, near Edinburgh, but remained pivotal in the development of the site. The shell of the building is retained and the upper floors used by HBOS.

  • 2007 Credit Suisse acquires the building.

  • 2010 - the name 'Cuthberts' is chosen for the opening of an independent coffee and sandwich bar on the ground floor in  honour of this beautiful building’s history and people.

    Our  passion is to serve you  authentic, premium quality  foods and drinks that will tick all your taste boxes, creating an enriching experience that will capture all of your senses, please all palates and leaving you wanting to visit us again.

    The Cuthberts team also wishes to build and serve the local community, continuing the Society’s legacy and will support local initiatives and fund-raising events so, if you have a great and original idea, please share it with us!

    We look forward to welcoming and getting to know you all on the comfy sofas of our friendly coffee bar.

    From Cuthberts.... with love.
The lyres of time sang softly
I cared not how I fared,
For free with the strength of ignorance,
How could I have been impaired?
My armour bright and virile
Entombed a passionate heart,
That nurtured dreams of fire,
But to where,to where to start.
                    Sean Connery 1951
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