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Our Story
One sunny day late last summer we got fed up!

Having  time to spare on that day, we decided to go for a coffee and a bite, like on many other occasions. Sounds simple, doesn't it, but not quite!

We racked our brains trying to remember the name of an independent, modern and customer-focused coffee shop which served a cup of great black gold and the good but simple food we enjoy so much.

Such ambitious quest couldn't be satisfied and we ended up yet again in another tired and run down outlet with a mug of overly priced "dirty water" diluted with half a pint of milk!!

"Aww" we exhaled, reminiscing of the creamy espressi we had been enjoying on our visits to Italy in trendy, friendly coffee shops, "I can't believe Edinburgh cannot offer better than this, let's pay and go home!"

007 Logo CoffeeOn our drive back, we noticed the stunning and empty ground floor of the beautiful listed building at 94a Fountainbridge ,the former headquarters of the famous St. Cuthberts Co-operative Society (For more information on the building's history, see our Why 'Cuthberts' page).
We had a lightbulb moment there and then: we knew that with Cuthberts we would create an educated and quality-driven coffee culture experience in this glorious city of ours. Tea lovers would also not been forgotten.

We later found out that Sir Sean Connery used to work in the building, which energised us to "get on with it" even more.

We researched the local market and realised that our unmet needs were also those of many of you: "We'd love great tasting coffee quality teas, cakes to match  a freshly made and good  quality bite to eat whenever we feel like it, in stylish, relaxing, bright premises. We want to be  served by friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff. We want somewhere uncluttered to sit- in and enjoy coffee and  food, a space for informal meetings or, simply, have some "me-time" or meet with friends. A "to-go" option is a must."

With your wishes in mind, we embarked on a long mission: to find the best coffee roaster in Scotland, a well respected tea merchant, exquisite cakes, the finest French breads and all the great-tasting ingredients needed to create the uplifting experience you have been asking for. Bright ,modern and sensual interiors, business booths and comfortable sofas were carefully chosen to reflect your preferences.

With quality, customer services and ambiance at its heart, Cuthberts has finally opened its doors for you all to feel and taste the difference we aim to make to your day.

And so Cuthberts begins again. This time, it will be our guests who will continue to write the history of  this elegant building dear to so many in Fountainbridge.

We invite you to enjoy a well deserved pause to your busy day and look forward to having the privilege of meeting and serving you all.
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